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Preliminary judging shortlist
(Fashion Accessories category)

  • Rin Inoue (Sho Konishi Design Lab)

    Sho Konishi Design Lab

    Rin Inoue

    Title: Wrapping

    • Designed on the concept of a gift bag that can be used repeatedly.
    • It is made by upcycling a kimono.
    • Gifts like sake can be combined with the fabric’s provenance to create a special feeling.

    Key points

    • Quilting cotton and moisture retention sheets are placed between the fabrics (for cushioning and moist items).
    • The bow-shaped decoration on the handles helps to preserve the silhouette.

    Key comments from the judges

    • The article incorporates the Japanese idea of wrapping into the present day.
    • An honestly lovely design and practical.
    • It has various possibilities.
  • Ryoto Someya(Tokyo Mode Gakuen)

    Tokyo Mode Gakuen

    Ryoto Someya

    Title: Pleated Bamboo Bag

    • It reuses old kimonos and kimono scraps.
    • It uses bamboo as a handle, a part of Japanese culture.

    Key points

    • The pleated bag expands when you put things inside.
    • It is designed to show many patterns when the pleats spread out.

    Key comments from the judges

    • The origami-like structure and use of bamboo are very Japanese.
    • It is modern in design for its simplicity.
    • It is a lovely design with spreading pleats.
  • Kenta Nakajima(Tokyo Mode Gakuen)

    Tokyo Mode Gakuen

    Kenta Nakajima

    Title: Kimono Umbrella

    • A kimono fabric repurposed in an umbrella.
    • It is a plastic umbrella, considered wasteful, designed using a kimono.
    • Inspired by the desire to eliminate waste.

    Key points

    • The umbrella frame is reused for sustainability.
    • Kimono fabric is used for the plastic part of the umbrella and applied with a water-repellent finish.
    • It is a stylish umbrella, but I am examining whether it can also be used as a rain umbrella.

    Key comments from the judges

    • It is a great idea to reuse a plastic umbrella frame.
    • The idea is quite unique.
    • Attaching kimono fabric requires skill.

Preliminary judging shortlist